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Merek mesin dry cleaning mana yang akan dipilih?


         Operation of a dry cleaner to be successful, you must want to have a decent equipment, of course, dry cleaning equipment types, including dry cleaners is the forehead is a key that nots allow to ignore. Dry cleaners quality directly affects the cleaning quality of dry cleaners, thus affect the operation of the dry cleaner and benefits.

         Dry cleaners choice is the key of the dry cleaner\\\'s preparatory work, want to choose a good quality dry cleaners for inexperienced investors is not a simple thing to do. In fact, the choice of the dry washer, the key is to choose the brand. Many brand dry cleaning equipment in the market, investors will choose a big brand, especially those with independent research and development production ability of the brand.

         As a traditionally engaged in production of large enterprises, new-developped wash wash equipment ENEJEAN adhering to the rigorous management attitude, the professional constantly upgrading equipment technical reform, committed to the broad masses of franchisees presents the most efficient dry cleaning equipment. Different from many other dry cleaning brand introduction of equipment to provide to the practice of franchisees, dry cleaning equipment are all made in independent research and development, more reliable in quality, more secure. ENEJEAN group of dry cleaning equipment used in line with international standards of steel material, and there are programmable microcomputer control, the rigorous design process to ensure the dry cleaning equipment with good washing performance at the same time, also significantly control the equipment manufacture cost.

         More than 20 years of equipment production experience and technology accumulation, enables the ENEJEAN franchisees to provide equipment to ensure the quality of laundry shop, and all to examining ENEJEAN investors can also to visit ENEJEAN production workshop. And ENEJEAN independent research and development production of equipment in addition to good quality, more affordable, especially to the joining trader is almost factory price to sell. ENEJEAN dry cleaners is 20000 yuan, complete variety, excellent performance, use cycle is long, the operation is simple, its craft exquisite accessories, quality first-class, can provides the high quality for the joining trader friend laundry service and guarantee.